It can’t rain all the time

Oh it can't rain all the time. The sky won't fall forever. And though the night seems long, Your tears won't fall forever. Oh, when I'm lonely, I lie awake at night And I wish you were here. I miss you. Can you tell me Is there something more to believe in? Or is this... Continue Reading →

The emotional side of it all.

Spending a decade of my life with Julian by my side, a lot has passed,  and been a roller coaster of emotions to be honest not from just this but also my physical life too. Some feelings I just can't shake off this article I want to pour my heart out so i apologise if... Continue Reading →

All About Julian

So this whole blog article is about Julian and his history. Julian Whichfield  Born 12th October 1833 - died December 17th  1856  location - UK facts about Julian and his family. Julian was born to his father who never told Julian his real name but we know his surname is Whichfield. And his mother Emily,... Continue Reading →

introduction to me and Julian

Hi and welcome to my new blog, as you have already guessed this blog is about myself, my spiritual relationship with Julian and just little bit of paganism too. In this blog I'm using aliases for obvious reasons for now but if i ever get the balls too i will reveal myself one day. A... Continue Reading →

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